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Legislation introduced to establish internal services agency (09/12/02)

NB 1909

Dec. 2, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The provincial government introduced legislation today to establish an agency responsible for the delivery of services within government.

The New Brunswick Internal Services Agency Act is a result of the Internal Services Alignment initiative announced in the 2008-09 budget. The initiative was mandated to develop a shared-services model for internal government services in areas such as finance and administration; information management and technology; and human resources.

"We have a very professional provincial public service committed to excellence in public policy and the delivery of programs to New Brunswickers," said Supply and Services Minister Ed Doherty. "The establishment of a dedicated agency to deliver services within government is a proven model employed in a number of Canadian jurisdictions."

Under this model, the proposed New Brunswick Internal Services Agency would improve resource management, modernize processes and procedures, and respond to the increasing demographic challenges faced by the public service.

"This new agency would enable government to operate more efficiently and effectively, allow departments to focus on their core program areas, and position us to respond to the human resource challenges that we expect to face in coming years as more employees approach retirement," Doherty said.

The minister noted that there would not be any layoffs under this initiative. The first phase of services to be transferred to the agency would generate $20 million in savings over three years.

"This initiative has been led by public servants, and it would be our very capable Government of New Brunswick employees who would deliver services under the new agency," Doherty said.

The proposed agency would be wholly owned by and accountable to the Government of New Brunswick. It would:

"The transformation of government is a key element of the government's plan to achieve self-sufficiency by 2026," Doherty said. "By delivering more efficient and effective services within government, we will generate cost savings that can be re-directed to the front-line programs and services that New Brunswickers want and need."


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