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Central New Brunswick Academy nearly complete (10/06/15)

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June 15, 2010

NEW BANDON (CNB) - Construction workers are putting the final touches on Central New Brunswick Academy, a new school in the Miramichi region that will welcome students from grades 6 to 12 in September.

Premier Shawn Graham, Education Minister Roland Haché and Human Resources Minister Rick Brewer toured the school today with students, parents and staff.

"This state-of-the-art school will provide students with a learning environment that inspires their creativity and confidence," said Graham. "The result will be highly skilled, innovative graduates able to pursue successfully higher education and employment opportunities in New Brunswick's 21st-century economy."

Through a partnership with School District 18, the school will be the first in the province to have notebook computers for all students. It will be fully equipped with the latest technology to support a 21st-century designed school:

"What we teach and how we teach has changed dramatically in the last decade," said Haché.

"By combining technology-rich classrooms and school environments where learning is student-driven and project-based, students will be more engaged in their learning. This school will be a showcase for the kinds of structural changes in school design taking place to support a 21st-century model of learning."

The 6,317-sq.-m (68,000-sq.-ft.) school has been designed to accommodate 275 students. It includes structural features such as areas within the corridors for student learning, dedicated group work spaces and an outdoor classroom.

The school will have separate wings for middle school and high school students. It will includes 12 classrooms, a gymnasium, cafeteria, music room, visual arts room, technology and science laboratories, two rooms for mentoring students, two rooms for team-teaching, a student services area, two rooms for vocational technology and training, and two rooms for after-school-student or adult education programs. It will also have a community library.


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