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Practise caution near Petitcodiac River (10/07/15)

NB 1206

July 15, 2010

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The provincial government reminds the public that the Petitcodiac River up to Salisbury is now a marine estuary. These conditions involve high-energy tidal systems which are not conducive to traditional recreation.

All residents are advised to exercise caution near the banks of the entire river. Marine estuaries create temporary mud flats and vigourous tidal currents in certain areas. Parents are reminded of the importance of supervising children playing near bodies of water.

The Department of Health advises that the Petitcodiac River is not a designated recreational water area and is therefore not safe for public use. The public is also strongly encouraged to be aware of the daily and seasonal tidal rhythms to ensure safety.

More information about the Petitcodiac Causeway project is online.



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