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Quispamsis achieves pay equity (09/03/16)

NB 333

March 16, 2009

QUISPAMSIS (CNB) - The Town of Quispamsis is the first English-speaking municipality in New Brunswick to achieve pay equity for its employees. Minister of Social Development Mary Schryer, who is also minister responsible for the status of women, made the announcement today at Quispamsis Town Hall. She was joined by Mayor Murray Driscoll and town councillors.


"I would like to congratulate the Town of Quispamsis on becoming the first English-speaking municipality in our province to achieve pay equity for its municipal employees," Schryer said. "Quispamsis is the third municipality in New Brunswick to implement a pay equity process. This is a huge step forward in ensuring the equality of women and men both here and throughout our province."

Schryer said that the province has been making significant progress in reducing the wage gap between men and women.

"Traditional female jobs typically employ skills that women have used in nurturing their families and managing their homes, and are often undervalued and underpaid," Schryer said. "Pay equity seeks to address this imbalance in each workplace so that female jobs of comparable value to male jobs are paid the same rate."

Schryer said that she hopes this achievement will create a precedent and will encourage other municipalities and the private sector to implement pay equity within their organizations.

"Reducing the wage gap benefits our entire province, but it can only be achieved if everyone takes part," Schryer said. "By working together to end the wage gap as part of our effort to achieve self-sufficiency, our children will be able to live and work in a progressive, forward-thinking New Brunswick where gender equality in the workplace is not an issue."

Other work being done to help eliminate pay inequity in New Brunswick includes:


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