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REVISED / Pay equity legislation introduced (09/05/29)

NB 755

May 29, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - New pay equity legislation was introduced in the legislature today by Minister responsible for the Status of Women Mary Schryer.

“Government committed in the Charter for Change to ensuring that pay equity legislation applies to all parts of the public service,” said Schryer. “This new Pay Equity Act will ensure implementation and maintenance of pay equity for all our public servants.”

Pay equity requires that female job classifications be evaluated and compared to male job classifications on the basis of skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions, using a non-discriminatory job evaluation system. Female job classifications which are found to be of equal or comparable value to male job classifications must receive a rate of pay that is at least the same as the male classifications.

The legislation also sets out standards required of employers in all parts of the public service to meet government's pay equity policy goals, as applied to compensation practices. Employers will undertake job evaluations, and must meet these minimum standards in order to achieve pay equity in their organizations.

“We are committed to our public servants,” said Schryer. “We are committed to ensuring an inclusive and collaborative pay equity process for all employees within the public service, which also includes provisions for ensuring that once achieved, pay equity is maintained.”

The goals of bringing about pay equity and reducing the wage gap in the province are in keeping with the government's agenda of making New Brunswick self-sufficient by 2026.

The Pay Equity Act will come into force on April 1, 2010. It will replace the 1989 Pay Equity Act, which applied only to Part I of the public service.


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