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Third wage gap action plan progress report released (09/08/17)

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Aug. 17, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The third annual progress report on government's five-year wage gap action plan, Facing the Economic Imperative, was released today by Health Minister Mary Schryer in her capacity as minister responsible for the status of women.

The plan introduced a number of programs and initiatives designed to help change the attitudes and norms in the province and in society that have led to wage inequality between women and men.

"While we have made significant progress in closing the wage gap, we still have a great deal to accomplish," said Schryer. "We know the root causes and we are addressing them. Even though many factors associated with the wage gap are not under our direct control, we must and will continue to make an impact where we can."

The wage gap increased slightly to 14.1 per cent in 2008 from 12.6 per cent in 2007, an increase of 1.5 percentage points. While women's wages continued to rise in 2008, men's wages rose by a greater percentage. As with the previous year, continuing employment and wage increases in the traditionally male-dominated construction sector and skilled trades have contributed to the increase.

Some of the highlights detailed in the progress report include:

"Through wage gap reduction initiatives and continued dialogue with employers, stakeholders and organizations, New Brunswick will be a place where women are equal participants in the growth of the province," said Schryer.

The wage gap reduction initiative is New Brunswick's comprehensive and creative strategy to boost the economy by reducing the wage gap. The report is available online.


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