Status of Women

Survey on violence against women released (09/09/23)

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Sept. 23, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The results of a survey on attitudes toward violence against women were released today by Minister responsible for the Status of Women Mary Schryer.

The 2009 Attitudinal Survey on Violence Against Women shows that New Brunswickers are aware of violence against women in their communities, and many of the respondents believe that the most common forms are physical abuse and verbal or emotional/psychological abuse.

"I am pleased that New Brunswickers willingly participated in the attitudinal survey," said Schryer. "It shows that both men and women have a high level of concern about child abuse, elder abuse and violence against women. The results will guide us in our actions, and help us better support victims of domestic violence."

The survey was conducted on behalf of the Women's Issues Branch by market research firm Harris/Decima Research, and updates the findings of the first attitudinal survey conducted in 2002.

The 2009 survey measured the public's concerns and attitudes relating to various forms of violence against women. It included New Brunswick's Aboriginal population, which is an enhancement over the 2002 survey. Violence against women, child abuse, elder abuse, dating violence and violence against persons with disabilities were the main areas examined. The survey also looked at the public perspective about the causes of violence against women, and gauged awareness of the services available to victims of abuse.

Some highlights from the survey include:

Schryer said that New Brunswick continues to be a leader in the area of combatting violence against women. The current survey allows the province to have up-to-date results and to determine New Brunswickers' views on domestic violence.

The province has been working on the issue through two action plans: A Better World for Women (2002-2005), and A Better World for Women: Moving Forward (2005-2010). In implementing the plans, the province has provided support to, and partnership with, stakeholders and service providers to alleviate the problem of violence against women. The results of the survey are a useful guide for government and communities in focusing on violence prevention initiatives.

"Since society's attitudes toward violence against women is a key contributor to its eradication, measuring these attitudes is of vital importance," said Schryer. "It validates the work that government and community partners have been doing in New Brunswick to address the issue of domestic violence, as we see that attitudes are changing. It shows how seriously we take the situation of women in our province. We have come a long way, but we have to continue to work toward equality and the elimination of violence."


MEDIA CONTACT: Sonya Gilks, communications officer, Women's Issues Branch, 506-453-2536.