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Industry boosted by renewal of $19.95-million Atlantic Canada tourism partnership (09/06/26)

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June 26, 2009

CHARLOTTETOWN (CNB) - The Atlantic Canada Tourism Partnership (ACTP) agreement has been renewed for three years, directing $19.95 million to strengthen this region as a primary tourist destination for foreign visitors, especially those from the United States and Europe.

Funding for the 2009-12 initiative is cost-shared by the partners, with 50 per cent contributed by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), 33 per cent by the four Atlantic provinces and 17 per cent by the four tourism industry associations in Atlantic Canada.

"Through the agreement, New Brunswick has been able to reach markets and increase export visits that otherwise we would not be able to do," said Tourism and Parks Minister Stuart Jamieson. "The new agreement provides significant value to the tourism industry in New Brunswick, and we look forward to the benefits it will bring to our operators and local economy."

With the renewal of the partnership, the ACTP will place greater emphasis on market segmentation, market tactics based on primary travel motivators, customer relations management, and new and online social media.

"This partnership is a positive example of the Government of Canada, provincial governments and industry officials working proactively to promote Atlantic Canada as a world-class tourist destination to international markets," said Keith Ashfield, minister of state responsible for ACOA. "Thanks to this collaborative effort, the ACTP will continue to help attract new tourists to Atlantic Canada, creating new business and job opportunities, and stimulating economic growth throughout the region."

Over the next three years, the ACTP will support a marketing strategy based on market research, economies of scale and a synchronized and integrated strategic approach. It will be based on funding that is incremental to provincial marketing budgets. It will ensure the preservation of provincial brand equity and engage marketing activities dictated by the marketplace.

"The best in Atlantic Canada are working together to improve the future of the tourism industry," said Roger Jamieson, ACTP management committee industry co-chair. "The ACTP has provided the tourism industry with a level of research and regional co-operation that would not exist without the partnership. We are proud to demonstrate our commitment to tourism operators in Atlantic Canada through our involvement in the ACTP.

"The continuing efforts of the ACTP to increase the awareness of and visitation to Atlantic Canada are greatly appreciated by the industry."

Founded in 1991, the ACTP is a nine-member pan-Atlantic Canada partnership consisting of ACOA; the tourism industry associations and the provincial departments responsible for tourism in New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.


MEDIA CONTACTS: Alison Aiton, communications, Department of Tourism and Parks, 506-4454; Julie Whitlock, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, PEI and Tourism, 902-368-0264; Don Cudmore, Atlantic Canada Tourism Partnership, 902-566-1096.