10-year transportation strategy released (08/10/31)

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Oct. 31, 2008

FREDERICTON (CNB) - A comprehensive, 10-year transportation strategy for New Brunswick has been released by Transportation Minister Denis Landry.

"This new multi-modal strategy envisions New Brunswick as a leader in achieving and sustaining a safe, reliable, state-of-the-art, fully integrated transportation system," Landry said. "This system will support economic and social development in our province, our region and our country, and support New Brunswick in its efforts to be self-sufficient by 2026."

New Brunswick at the Centre: a Provincial Multimodal Transportation Strategy 2008-2018, examines the province's road, rail, marine and air infrastructure; it also details the challenges facing New Brunswick's transportation system. Furthermore, it outlines the actions that should be taken over the next 10 years to address funding, policy, regulatory and service challenges.

The strategy outlines almost 40 actions that should be taken over the next 10 years to address funding, policy, and regulatory and service challenges. This includes seeking the necessary funding to maintain existing infrastructure for all modes of transportation, while continuing to build new transportation links in support of economic growth; further harmonizing trucking policies and legislation; greater advocacy and intervention with the federal government on behalf of airports, ports and railways; and investments in highways, airports, ports and railways through the Atlantic Gateway initiative.

"New Brunswick at the Centre recognizes the need for the three levels of government and the private sector to develop new partnerships to ensure that our province's transportation challenges are addressed," Landry said.

The strategy fulfils and builds upon a Charter for Change commitment to connect the province through a comprehensive, multi-year transportation strategy. It reflects a national transportation strategy developed by the Council of the Federation in 2005; and it supports a regional transportation strategy released by the Atlantic ministers of transportation earlier this year.

A copy of the strategy is available on the Department of Transportation website.


MEDIA CONTACT: Tracey Burkhardt, director of communications, Transportation, 506-453-5634.