National Rail Safety Week (09/04/24)

NB 552

April 24, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - A number of events are scheduled in New Brunswick from April 27 to May 3 in recognition of National Rail Safety Week, Transportation Minister Denis Landry has announced. The events include crossing blitzes in Fredericton Junction and the Saint John areas, a mock collision involving several hundred students from Moncton High School, and numerous school presentations.


"Each year fatalities and serious injuries occur at railway crossings and on railway property across Canada," said Landry. "You often see people listening to music while walking down railway tracks. These accidents can be prevented if simple rules are followed:

To promote Rail Safety Week, an event was held in Fredericton involving representatives of the provincial and municipal governments, along with policing agencies. Also in attendance were two elementary school classes from École des Bâtisseurs, and Dan Di Tota, national director of Operation Lifesafer.

In New Brunswick, Operation Lifesaver activities are co-ordinated by the New Brunswick Safety Council, with committee representation including Transport Canada, the RCMP, CN Rail, Via Rail, the NB Southern Railway, and the provincial departments of Education, Public Safety and Transportation. Their shared goal is helping people be aware of the risks, and to reduce the numbers of accidents, injuries and needless loss of life.


MEDIA CONTACT: Andrew Holland, communications, Department of Transportation, 506-453-5634.