Minister's message: National Transportation Week (09/06/03)

NB 782

June 3, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The following message about National Transportation Week was released today by Transportation Minister Denis Landry:

I am pleased to mark Transportation Week in New Brunswick as part of National Transportation Week. This occasion gives us an opportunity to reflect upon the importance of all modes of transportation, and the need to modernize and improve our system.

This year's capital budget recognizes the importance of transportation by providing more than $385.8 million, the largest budget in the Department of Transportation's history. This investment helps our economy by putting people to work, and supports our communities by linking unincorporated areas, villages, towns and cities, and provides access to key programs and services that people use in their daily lives.

The safe and efficient movement of people, goods, and services in our transportation network was underscored in New Brunswick at the Centre, the Province's Multimodal Transportation Strategy 2008-2010.

Our strategy addresses air, road, rail, and marine transportation, and identifies the priorities and actions necessary to ensure that transportation is integrated, efficient, and modernized.

As part of Transportation Week, this government is pleased to support the inaugural Air Cargo Logistics Symposium, hosted by the Greater Moncton International Airport, on June 3 and 4.

The expansion and strengthening of our cargo capacity is in this province's best interests.

Government is also pleased to support Port Days 2009 in Saint John, June 8 and 9. The ports of Belledune and Saint John are critically important for the economic development and prosperity of northern and southern New Brunswick.

These activities will help these areas further develop as important transportation and cargo hubs, increasing export opportunities and creating economic growth for New Brunswick and this region.

I encourage all New Brunswickers to be aware and be alert, whether they are using our roads, are near railway tracks, are boating, or using our airports.

Everyone has a role to play to respect the road, respect driving conditions, respect other passengers, and prevent accidents and loss of life. Together we can make our commuting and other trips enjoyable and safe.