Government issues Request for Proposals on Route 1 Gateway Project (09/06/22)

NB 887

June 22, 2009

ST. STEPHEN (CNB) - A request for proposals (RFP) to identify a preferred proponent to continue the Route 1 Gateway Project was released today by the New Brunswick Highway Corporation (NBHC). The announcement was made by Transportation Minister Denis Landry, who also serves as chairperson of NBHC.

"As a result of the Charter for Change, the Government of New Brunswick made a commitment to complete Route 1 as a four-lane highway," said Landry. "Through this project, we are delivering on that promise and making Route 1 safer and more efficient."

Announced in December as public-private partnership, a private developer/operator to construct 55 km of new, four-lane highway between Murray Road, near Waweig, and Lepreau. A number of selected upgrades will also be made to Route 1, with construction to be completed no later than July 31, 2013.

The successful proponent will also assume responsibilities for the operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of 235 km of Route 1 between St. Stephen and River Glade beginning in June 2011 and continuing for 30 years.

"Improving Route 1 is a major priority for our government," said Landry. "By using a public-private partnership, we will accelerate construction, bring an economic stimulus to the province, transfer appropriate project risks to the developer/operator and guarantee the best price and earliest completion date for the work."

This will be New Brunswick's third public-private partnership to design, build, finance, operate, maintain and rehabilitate a highway as part of a multi-year agreement. The provincial government has been recognized on three occasions for its work on similar projects that were completed using over 80 per cent of work and materials from New Brunswick companies.

"Construction related to this project will deliver an economic stimulus to the province during the current global recession," said Tourism and Parks Minister Stuart Jamieson. "The improved infrastructure will also support the development of the New Brunswick Energy Hub, Atlantic Gateway and our Benefits Blueprint initiative as part of our long-term vision of a self-sufficient New Brunswick."

Three prospective proponents (New Brunswick Transportation Group, The Dexter Team and The Brun-Way Group) submitted responses to the Request for Qualifications (RFQ). Each submission underwent a comprehensive review. On June 8, the provincial government released the names of these proponents, saying they were qualified to respond to the RFP.

As part of the RFP process, technical submissions will be due in October. Following completion of the technical review, proponents will be required to submit a financial offer in early January 2010. A final agreement is expected in February 2010.

"Our government has committed to making this competitive bid process fair, open and transparent," said Landry. "By releasing the names of these respondents and continuing to update the people of New Brunswick on the progress of this project, we are keeping that promise."

The project is jointly funded by the Government of Canada and the Government of New Brunswick. Further information, including a project map, a detailed list of the proponents and a summary of the RFQ, is available online.


MEDIA CONTACT: Matthew Frye, communications, Department of Transportation, 506-444 5838.