Public information session: Upgrades to Route 1 / Route 7 Interchange and Mackay Highway (09/07/20)

NB 1013

July 20, 2009

ROTHESAY (CNB) - Preliminary plans to upgrade the Route 1 / Route 7 Interchange and the Mackay Highway as part of the Route 1 Gateway project will be displayed by the Department of Transportation at an informal public information session in Rothesay.

Transportation Minister Denis Landry today announced that the session will take place from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, July 22, at the Rothesay Town Hall, 70 Hampton Rd. Maps of the planned work will be shown, and Department of Transportation staff will be available to discuss the upgrades.

Announced last December as a public-private partnership, the Route 1 Gateway Project will engage a developer/operator to construct 55 km of new, four-lane highway between Murray Road, near Waweig, and Lepreau. A number of upgrades for existing four-lane sections of Route 1 will also be undertaken as part of the project.

"We are advancing the twinning of Route 1 along with these preliminary plans for consideration as to how we can improve the flow of people and goods in this key corridor," said Landry. "Through projects at One Mile House Interchange and at the St. Stephen Border crossing to Waweig, this government has demonstrated that it is investing in strategic infrastructure. We want to continue this positive momentum, and support the industrial and economic growth in this region that will contribute to the province's self-sufficiency agenda."

In addition to completing Route 1 as a four-lane highway, the project will engage a developer/operator to be responsible for the operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of 235 km of Route 1 from St. Stephen to River Glade for a 30-year period, starting June 2011.


MEDIA CONTACT: Matthew Frye, communications, Department of Transportation, 506-444-5838.