Historic bridge to undergo further repairs (09/08/04)

NB 1079

Aug. 4, 2009

RUSAGONIS (CNB) - Repairs are being made to a covered bridge south of Fredericton that is celebrating its 100th anniversary.


Transportation Minister Denis Landry joined department staff at the Patrick Owens Covered Bridge in Rusagonis. He announced that the department is investing more than $80,000 to renovate the structure.

"This bridge contributes a great deal of history and character to the community, and our department is doing its best to preserve this important structure," said Landry. "We are pleased that the Patrick Owens Covered Bridge will be the centrepiece of the Rusagonis festival being held later this month."

The renovations include:

Over-sized vehicles twice struck the bridge over nine months, most recently this past spring. The department repaired the overhead beams to re-open the bridge to traffic, but further renovations were identified and are being completed as part of today's announcement.

The Department of Transportation closely monitors New Brunswick's 63 covered bridges. To protect them from damage, the department has posted weight restrictions on all vehicles except school buses and emergency vehicles.


MEDIA CONTACT: Andrew Holland, communications, Department of Transportation 506-453-5634.