Transit service enhanced in Greater Saint John (09/09/24)

NB 1413

Sept. 24, 2009

SAINT JOHN (CNB) - Details of an enhanced bus service for the Greater Saint John region were released this afternoon in Saint John. An articulated, or accordion-style, bus will be servicing the Hampton area in early October. The bus can seat up to 61 passengers, compared to a regular transit bus that can hold up to 40. The vehicle is the first of its kind in the province.

Funding in the amount of about $450,000 was provided under the Federal Public Transit Capital Trust, and administered by the Department of Transportation through the Rural to Urban Commuter Transit program.

"The Government of New Brunswick is working closely with the Greater Saint John communities to plan and invest in sustainable transportation," said Saint John East MLA Roly MacIntyre. "In addition to reducing vehicle congestion in Saint John by building the One Mile House Interchange and widening the Mackay Highway, government's support for public transit is also contributing environmental benefits such as cleaner air and reduced greenhouse gas emissions."

MacIntyre attended on behalf of Transportation Minister Denis Landry.

"I think this is another great milestone for transportation in Saint John and the surrounding areas," said Saint John MP Rodney Weston. "The area's first articulated bus, partnered with a greener operations centre, demonstrates how aware and friendly our communities are when it comes to the environment. The articulated bus is just another measure of how Saint John Transit continues to provide improved and effective service to this community."

Saint John Mayor Ivan Court and Hampton Mayor Ken Chorley said that the articulated bus serves as another example of how suburban communities and the city can work together to improve transportation for everyone.

The bus was unveiled at the start of the 2009 Canadian Urban Transit Association annual meeting in Saint John.


MEDIA CONTACTS: Andrew Holland, communications, Department of Transportation 506-453-5634; Frank McCarey, general manager, Saint John Transit, 506-658-4703.