Trans-Canada Highway moose fencing project completed (09/10/09)

NB 1540

Oct. 9, 2009



MEDUCTIC (CNB) - The installation of more than 27 km of wildlife fencing along the Trans-Canada Highway between Meductic and Woodstock was marked today by Transportation Minister Denis Landry and officials from Brun-Way Highway Operations Inc. The fencing is between Route 122 at Meductic and Dugan Road at Woodstock.

Landry said the $1-million project is helping the provincial government surpass the Charter for Change commitment to install 300 km of fencing as a means to reduce the number of collisions between animals and vehicles.

"With 327 km of fencing to be erected by next summer, my department's wildlife mitigation program is making our highways safer by helping keep moose and deer off of the road," said Landry. "I know that highway users and emergency first-responders between Meductic and Woodstock are pleased with this new infrastructure."

The Department of Transportation contracted the project to Brun-Way Highway Operations Inc. after statistics revealed there were 52 wildlife collisions in this specific area of the Trans-Canada Highway dating to January 2007. Across the province, there is an average of 340 motor vehicle collisions with moose each year.

"Brun-Way, working in conjunction with the Trans-Canada Highway Project, is committed to continuously improving the safety of motorists travelling along our sections of the Trans-Canada Highway in western New Brunswick," said Romeo Poitras, operations manager, Brun-Way Highway Operations Inc. "We are confident this new fencing will assist in lowering the number of vehicle and wildlife collisions."

"With our fencing, proactive brush clearing and signage program, we have taken major steps to reduce collisions along existing highways and prevent collisions from occurring along any sections of new, four-lane highway alignments," said Landry.


MEDIA CONTACTS: Andrew Holland, communications, Department of Transportation, 506-453-5634; Felicia Murphy, communications, Brun-Way Highway Operations Inc., 506-474-7750.