Contract awarded for Phase 1 of Hugh John Flemming Bridge project (09/11/05)

NB 1743

Nov. 5, 2009

HARTLAND (CNB) - A contract has been awarded for Phase 1 of a rehabilitation project for the Hugh John Flemming Bridge near Hartland.

Department of Transportation Minister Denis Landry announced today that the department has awarded a contract valued at about $1.3 million to Atlantic Underground Services Ltd. of Riverview. Three bids were received.

"This is a hugely important transportation link in Carleton County that is counted on by both motorists and the business community," said Landry. "This bridge has served users very well, and given its age, we are delivering infrastructure improvements that will modernize and strengthen it to expand its life cycle."

Landry said that Phase 1 involves the rehabilitation of five approach spans to the bridge. The contractor will be able to fabricate expansion joints during winter, and be ready to start work during April for completion in July 2010. Landry said that a study to assess traffic patterns and traffic volumes will also be conducted to determine construction procedures during Phase 2.

"My staff and I have been sensitive to the local importance of this bridge, and we have met on numerous occasions with municipal officials and business representatives," said Landry. "Their input was taken into account for Phase 1. We also must be mindful that safety comes first, and this bridge has a restricted work area. We want to deliver a project that is done safely, efficiently and cost-effectively for the taxpayers of New Brunswick."

The Hugh John Flemming Bridge is 661 m long and spans the St. John River on Route 130. It was built in 1960, and it carried Trans-Canada Highway traffic until 2007. It consists of 12 spans, seven arch spans and five approach spans.


MEDIA CONTACT: Andrew Holland, communications, Department of Transportation 506-453-5634.