Traveller information service and winter safety campaign launched (09/12/11)

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Dec. 11, 2009



HANWELL (CNB) - Information services to help inform the travelling public about road and weather conditions have been expanded by the Department of Transportation.

Transportation Minister Denis Landry announced today in Hanwell that New Brunswick is now offering 511, a designated number to help travellers get information on road and weather conditions, as well as road construction reports, by telephone and through its online services. He was joined by Public Safety Minister and Solicitor General John W. Foran.

"The department's website is a well-used source for travel information," said Landry. "This new 511 system will be an additional tool to help motorists be in the know and be able to better plan their trips and commutes. The new system will also allow district staff to report more quickly about changes in road openings and closures, along with ferry operations."

Landry said that about $83,500 has been invested to implement the 511 system, with costs shared between the Department of Transportation and Transport Canada.

"Our government is committed to transportation initiatives that ensure the safety and security of Canadian motorists, especially during the winter months," said federal Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities John Baird.

Landry said that the 511 system is also an action item from the 2009 New Brunswick-Nova Scotia Partnership Agreement on Regulation and the Economy to harmonize and improve services to business and the general public.

Landry also announced that the department has launched a winter safety campaign that will be carried out during the next four months.

"This media and online campaign will be an important public service providing motorists with good information," said Landry. "We are emphasizing that drivers need to be cautious. Road and weather conditions change quickly during winter, and motorists must reduce their speeds and adjust their driving habits to the conditions of the road."

Landry said that the department is fully prepared for winter, with 93 maintenance depots throughout New Brunswick.

"We have 750 employees and 515 plows and graders that will provide service to the more than 18,600 km of road in New Brunswick," said Landry. "Our maintenance facilities have also stockpiled 121,000 tonnes of salt and 350,000 tonnes of sand, and we will replenish our salt supply as required throughout the winter."


MEDIA CONTACT: Andrew Holland, communications, Department of Transportation 506-453-5634.