Spring weight restrictions for roads (10/02/01)

NB 139

Feb. 1, 2010

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Spring weight restrictions come into effect at midnight on Sunday, March 7, in southern New Brunswick and at midnight on Sunday, March 14, in northern New Brunswick. The restrictions continue until midnight on Sunday, May 16, in southern New Brunswick and until midnight, Sunday, May 23, in northern New Brunswick.

These dates are dependent upon weather conditions and are subject to change, Transportation Minister Denis Landry announced today.

"The department is giving ample notice to the trucking community about when these restrictions come into effect so that they may plan alternate routes," said Landry. "We are vigilant in identifying roads that may be susceptible to damage during the annual frost and thaw cycle. Spring weight limits protect our infrastructure and I ask industry for their cooperation and patience."

For the purpose of these restrictions, northern New Brunswick includes the area lying within the counties of Northumberland, Gloucester, Restigouche, Madawaska, Victoria and that portion of Route 108 within York County, and that portion of Gordon Vale Road and Holtville Road within York County, and that portion of Bloomfield Ridge Road between Holtville Road and Route 625, and that portion of Route 625 between Gordon Vale Road and Route 8.

"When weight restrictions are not respected, roads deteriorate and may be closed indefinitely," said Landry. "This is certainly not in the interests of motorists who count on these routes being accessible. Should weather conditions warrant, the department's district engineers are authorized to close roads to trucks, or to impose weight restrictions on highways or portions of highways at anytime."

A final notice will be issued and advertised later this month and a detailed list of affected highways will be available online.


MEDIA CONTACT: Andrew Holland, communications, Department of Transportation, 506-453-5634.