Clearing contracts awarded / Route 1 Gateway Project (10/02/18)

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Feb. 18, 2010



WAWEIG (CNB) - Eleven contracts have been awarded to clear land for a new highway corridor. Fisheries Minister Rick Doucet and Greg Thompson, MP for New Brunswick Southwest, announced the contracts this morning in Waweig.

The work will prepare for the construction of a four-lane highway between Waweig and Lepreau, planned as part of the Route 1 Gateway Project.

"This $900,000 investment further demonstrates the provincial government's commitment to the Charter for Change, which has Route 1 completed as a four-lane highway," said Doucet. "The government is investing in people and communities while creating jobs that deliver an economic stimulus and new infrastructure for a self-sufficient New Brunswick."

Doucet spoke on behalf of Transportation Minister Denis Landry.

"The Route 1 Gateway Project is a good example of what our government is doing to keep our economy moving, create new jobs and improve safety," Thompson said. "We are proud to support such an important project - one that will improve trade and traffic flows between St. Stephen and Calais, Maine, New Brunswick's key land border crossing with the United States."

Thompson spoke on behalf of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities Minister John Baird.

More than 40 km of clearing work is currently underway to prepare for construction between:

Motorists are warned to beware of wildlife movement, most notably deer, along the highway due to these clearing activities.

The Route 1 Gateway Project will engage a developer/operator to construct 55 km of four-lane highway between Waweig and Lepreau. The provincial government will also install 104 linear km of wildlife fencing along both sides of Route 1 as part of its wildlife management program. Other selected upgrades are also planned for the Route 1 corridor during this time. All construction is expected to be completed by July 31, 2013.

The developer/operator will be responsible for the operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of 235 km of Route 1 from St. Stephen to River Glade for a 30-year period, beginning in the summer of 2011.

The Route 1 Gateway Project will be jointly funded by the governments of New Brunswick and Canada. Further information is online.


EDITOR'S NOTE: A list of clearing contracts that have been awarded follows. MEDIA CONTACTS: Andrew Holland, director of communications, Department of Transportation, 506-453-5634; James Kusie, director of issues management and parliamentary affairs, Office of the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, 613-991-0700; media relations, Transport Canada, 613-993-0055.

Clearing contracts awarded in preparation of construction on Route 1