New transit buses for Quispamsis (10/02/22)

NB 268

Feb. 22, 2010



QUISPAMSIS (CNB) - Two new articulated buses are being purchased for commuters in Quispamsis and Hampton.

Health Minister Mary Schryer; Rob Moore, federal minister of state for Small Business and Tourism; and Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll unveiled one of the new buses today in Quispamsis. An articulated bus is an accordion-style vehicle widely used in Europe.

"The Government of New Brunswick is pleased to support these services that provide public transit alternatives to families and communities outside Saint John," Schryer said. "We are pleased to extend affordable transportation to more residents, which encourages them to park their cars and help reduce congestion and greenhouse gas emissions."

Schryer was speaking on behalf of Transportation Minister Denis Landry.

In partnership with Hampton and Quispamsis, the Saint John Transit Commission has received $1.3 million from the federal Public Transit Capital Trust to buy two buses through the Department of Transportation's Rural to Urban Commuter Program.

"Today's announcement is an example of the Government of Canada working in partnership with the province to support and strengthen Canadian communities," Moore said. "Our government is committed to inclusive and safe public transit options that provide communities with direct access to important services that help to promote economic and social activity."

During the past five years, the Government of Canada has provided $1.8 billion to fund capital public transit projects such as rapid transit, buses, bus stations, park and ride facilities and bicycle lanes.

"After many tries and failures in the past, we now have a system that has shown the need and has found a solution to morning and evening transportation for our residents," Driscoll said. "With the new articulated bus, fewer passengers will have to stand during peak periods, and we look to expand the service come the fall with the opening of the Q-Plex."

Saint John Transit maintains and operates the two buses, which offer additional transit services to Hampton and Quispamsis.

"The launch of this new articulated bus is very good news for the residents of Quispamsis," said Saint John MP Rodney Weston. "It will expand and strengthen the Quispamsis transit system as well as help to enhance the community's economic development."


MEDIA CONTACTS: Andrew Holland, communications, Department of Transportation, 506-453-5634; media relations, Transport Canada, 613-993-0055.