Construction contracts awarded in Greater Fredericton (10/04/07)

NB 488

April 7, 2010

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The provincial government has awarded five construction contracts in Greater Fredericton as part of the $439.3 million capital budget of the Department of Transportation for 2010-11.

"With our $1.6-billion Plan for a Stronger Economy, this government is creating jobs in all corners of the province and delivering important stimulus to our economy," said Premier Shawn Graham. "At the same time, we are investing in infrastructure with upgrades that make our highways and bridges safer and more efficient."

During a construction site visit to the Princess Margaret Bridge, Graham and Transportation Minister Denis Landry announced the funding of more than 27 km of new highway projects and two culvert rehabilitation projects in York and Sunbury counties:

"With our third consecutive record capital budget, this government is modernizing New Brunswick's transportation network of more than 18,600 km of roads and 2,900 bridges," said Landry. "To ensure work is completed on time and on budget, the Department of Transportation calls tenders as quickly as possible to enable members of the New Brunswick Road Builders and Heavy Construction Assoc. to plan their equipment and staffing requirements."

Graham noted that the provincial government has awarded 23 other clearing and construction contracts. These are in addition to the $77.3 million announced for Phase 2 of the Princess Margaret Bridge rehabilitation project.

The premier also noted that $30 million is budgeted to continue the Route 8 Marysville-Nashwaak bypass project: the funding is for two bridges that are under construction.


MEDIA CONTACT: Andrew Holland, communications, Department of Transportation, 506-453-5634.