Removal of spring weight restrictions (10/04/20)

NB 573

April 20, 2010

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Spring weight restrictions for heavy trucks will be lifted from all New Brunswick highways at midnight Sunday, April 25. Transportation Minister Denis Landry made the announcement today.

"I am pleased to communicate this to industry so carriers may resume taking their usual routes and move their goods," said Landry. "This is nearly four weeks ahead of schedule; is the earliest removal of the spring weight restriction in New Brunswick's history; and reflects the mild weather conditions we have experienced."

The weight restrictions are intended to protect New Brunswick's highways from damage during the spring thaw by reducing allowable weights. These restrictions are determined by Department of Transportation district engineers and staff who inspect and monitor road conditions and data.

The provincial government communicates the spring weight restrictions ahead of time to help the motor carrier industry, farmers and businesses prepare.

"This enables road users to plan ahead and minimize wear to New Brunswick's highways, which are more susceptible to damage from heavy trucks during mild temperatures," said Landry. "District engineers have the authority to close roads or post weight limits at any time to protect the province's 18,600 km of roads."


MEDIA CONTACT: Andrew Holland, communications, Department of Transportation, 506-453-5634.