Princess Margaret Bridge closure: park and go locations announced (10/05/21)

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May 21, 2010

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Maps have been released showing park and go locations and the park and ride bus route from the Brookside Mall to Kings Place in advance of the pending closure of the Princess Margaret Bridge for continuing repairs.

The maps were released Thursday, May 20, at a meeting of the City of Fredericton transportation committee. All locations will be clearly signed. The committee also released the locations of various bike racks being placed downtown for those wishing to cycle during the closure.

The park and go locations will be on the outskirts of the city and close to either end of the Westmorland Street Bridge and the Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge. They are intended for people to park their vehicles and either walk or bike to downtown; or, alternatively to catch a Fredericton Transit bus.

"The message continues to be the same for our residents," said Darren Charters, traffic engineer for the City of Fredericton and chair of the city's Princess Margaret Bridge working committee. "The Westmorland Street Bridge cannot accommodate the 20,000 cars a day to be displaced when the Princess Margaret Bridge closes for repairs. To avoid total gridlock, we are urging residents to change their driving habits, not just when it comes to using the Westmorland Street Bridge, but also the city streets leading to the bridge."

Park and go locations on the north side will include:

Park and go locations on the south side will include:

The map showing the park and go locations as well as other information are at the City of Fredericton's website (Princess Margaret Bridge closure link) and at the Department of Transportation website.

The City of Fredericton and the provincial government continue to urge residents to consider flex time at work or to take some vacation during the bridge closure. Other ways of reducing traffic are to consider carpooling; walking, jogging or cycling; using Fredericton Transit; and using alternate routes such as the Burton Bridge and Mactaquac Dam. Another alternative is to reduce and /or combine trips across the Westmorland Street Bridge.

"The Department of Transportation is investing about $200,000 in measures that will assist in alleviating congestion this summer," said Transportation Minister Denis Landry. "This funding covered our joint traffic study with ADI Ltd. and the City of Fredericton; the optimization of traffic signals; the park and ride service; the widening of Maple Street; police traffic control; cameras on the bridge; bicycle racks; and public awareness.

"The Government of New Brunswick strongly encourages motorists in Greater Fredericton to change their travel times, park their cars and use alternate transportation options that will make the summer commute easier for everyone."

The provincial government is investing more than $77.3 million in Phase 2 of the Princess Margaret Bridge rehabilitation project. The bridge will be closed from Saturday, June 19, to Sunday, Aug. 8, to remove and replace bridge beams, deck and guardrails; and to undertake other key upgrades. The bridge was built in 1957.



MEDIA CONTACTS: Andrew Holland, communications, Department of Transportation, 506-453-5634; Wayne Knorr, communications, City of Fredericton, 506-460-2181.