Minister's statement / National Transportation Week (10/06/03)

NB 882

June 3, 2010

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The following statement was issued by Transportation Minister Denis Landry on the occasion of National Transportation Week:

We cannot lose sight of the importance that transportation plays in our daily lives. Transportation enables the economic and social development of every corner of New Brunswick.

The province's industries, and the jobs that go along with them, are dependent on a modern, safe and efficient network of 18,600 km of highway, strong air connections, vibrant ports and key rail links. Integrated, these linkages connect people with opportunities and provide access to the daily services we count on such as health care, education and recreation.

This year's capital budget recognizes the importance of transportation by providing more than $439 million to enhance and maintain New Brunswick's transportation system. This is the largest budget in the province's history and the department's third consecutive record capital budget.

In the last four years, this government has invested more than $1.3 billion to modernize transportation infrastructure and make it more competitive. It has also surpassed its commitment to install 300 km of wildlife fencing to make highways safer. It is delivering on its commitment to complete Route 1 as a four-lane highway with construction to start later this month on the twinning of 55 km between Lepreau and Waweig.

This year, the Department of Transportation will pave more than 395 km of highways, chipseal 800 km and undertake about 100 bridge, ferry landing and culvert projects. The department will also renew its fleet with 85 new, environmentally friendly, school buses and 44 new snow plows.

I commend the thousands of workers in the transportation industry throughout New Brunswick and Canada for the instrumental role they play in helping our province and our country be strong and sustainable.


MEDIA CONTACT: Andrew Holland, communications, Department of Transportation, 506-453-5634.