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Clean-diesel school buses purchased (10/06/24)

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June 24, 2010



FREDERICTON (CNB) - The provincial government has invested in 85 new clean-diesel school buses for the 2010-11 school year.

Transportation Minister Denis Landry, Education Minister Roland Haché and Environment Minister Rick Miles made the announcement today.

"The buses will replace older vehicles as part of our effort to reduce the average age of the bus fleet to an optimum average of six years," said Landry. "Since 2007, the Vehicle Management Agency has made major strides in modernizing the province's fleet of more than 1,200 school buses."

Funding for the buses, which cost $6.6 million, is from the Department of Transportation's 2010-11 capital budget. The provincial government has invested more than $26.4 million to acquire 342 new school buses since 2007.

"This is another example of our government's commitment to updating and modernizing our school system," said Haché. "These new buses have an improved driver ergonomics system and larger driver's windshield area along with a right-side safety view window to keep an eye on students boarding and exiting the bus."

Landry added that these cleaner-burning buses are equipped with an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system and particular matter (PM) filter to reduce exhaust airborne contaminates. They reduce particulate emissions by 90 per cent compared to the previous 2002 standard. When combined with the ultra-low-sulphur diesel fuel available in New Brunswick, nitrogen oxide emissions are cut by 50 per cent. The buses are more fuel efficient and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"I want to commend the Department of Transportation for maintaining school buses to the highest standards and continuing to implement a green-vehicle policy that supports New Brunswick's Climate Change Action Plan objectives by reducing greenhouse gas emissions," said Miles. "We are making a difference by using clean-technology buses that help improve air quality for students and the communities they live in."


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