Village Historique Acadien

New stamp featuring the Riordon Mill launched (10/01/15)

NB 47

Jan. 15, 2010



RIVIÈRE-DU-NORD (CNB) - A new stamp featuring the Riordon grist mill at the Village Historique Acadien (VHA) near Caraquet was unveiled today by Canada Post at the VHA site.

The Riordon Mill was destroyed by fire in 1888, rebuilt and opened around 1890. It consisted of a sawmill, grist mill, and wool-carding mill, all operated by hydraulic power. The grist mill ceased operations in 1914 because of a dispute between Thomas Riordon and a company that repaired rollers for crushing grain.

When the decision was made to transport the Riordon Mill to the VHA site, it was in bad condition. The VHA team managed to save 80 per cent of the structure and machinery. After the grist mill was restored, it opened to the public in the early 1980s. Major repairs were also made in 2009 to preserve the building.

"We are pleased that Canada Post chose the Riordon Mill for this issue of stamps," said Clarence LeBreton, executive director of the VHA and assistant deputy minister of Tourism and Parks. "This confirms that restoring the Riordon Mill during the 1980s was a wise choice and it also highlights the importance of Irish families in Acadian history of the 19th century."

The new stamps feature the following five historic mills in Canada :

"Mills have helped shape the course of our country's social and economic development for more than 200 years," said Douglas Bateman, of Canada Post. "Mills were the first factories, combining natural power and machinery to do the work of many men. These stamps celebrate the important contribution that mills have made to the history of our nation."

The design of each stamp emphasizes each mill's defining attributes and has an early summer look and feel. The names of the mills are hidden with microtype on each of the stamps.

Each stamp measures 23.25 mm by 20.25 mm (horizontal) and has simulated perforations. The stamps are general tagged on four sides. They are available in booklets of 10 and 30 stamps and souvenir sheets of five stamps.


MEDIA CONTACTS: Myriam Léger, Public Relations Officer, Village Historique Acadien,, 506-726-2600; Philippe Basque, Historian, Village Historique Acadien,, 506-726-2600; Geneviève Latour, manager of external communications, Canada Post, 902-494-4074, geneviè