Village Historique Acadien

Everything is for sale at Thériault General Store (10/07/15)

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July 15, 2010

RIVIÈRE-DU-NORD (CNB) - Visitors to the Village Historique Acadien (VHA) will be able to obtain various products from another era as of Sunday, July 18, the opening date of the Nicholas D. Thériault General Store.

The Thériault General Store is located in the 20th century section of the VHA. It is unique in that not only are the contents on exhibit, they can also be purchased, making it one of the rare stores on an historic site in North America. Various items will be for sale, including square nails, flour, porcelain dolls, and cast iron frying pans.

For the store opening, some characters straight out of the past will be there to give ceremonial speeches congratulating Nicholas Thériault on his initiative to provide his village with one of the most modern stores in the province. In addition to Senator Turgeon, the business representative for the Salada company will be on hand to boast of the merits of his tea as compared with the "dreadful" King Cole tea. The parish priest will give his usual blessing. Free candy will be given to the children, and adults will be treated to "pijoune" (a kind of hot herbal tonic).

The Thériault General Store is a reconstruction of the 1924 store located in Trudel. Local residents and tourists in the area are invited to attend the opening activities, scheduled to begin at 2 p.m.

Open since 1977, the VHA strives to portray the lives of Acadians from 1770 to 1949. More than 40 original buildings are staffed by interpreters in period costume who bring the ancestral customs and traditional trades back to life.


MEDIA CONTACT: Myriam Léger, public relations, Village Historique Acadien, 506-726-2600.