Wellness, Culture and Sport

Minister's message: New Brunswick Coaches Week (08/11/12)

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Nov. 12, 2008

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Wellness, Culture and Sport Minister Hédard Albert issued the following message in recognition of New Brunswick Coaches Week, Nov. 15-22:

As minister of wellness, culture and sport, and as a former hockey coach, I am pleased to recognize Nov. 15-22 as New Brunswick Coaches Week.

This week is an opportunity to celebrate the province's hundreds of community coaches who play a key role in the development of our athletes and our youth.

Coaches' commitment and dedication are incredible. They devote countless hours of personal time to teach our athletes the mechanics of sport and to prepare them for competition. Their care and devotion to the total development of our youth will help prepare them for the challenges of the future, both on and off the sporting venue.

Our government is proud to support the development of sport within the province. Earlier this fall, I had the opportunity to make public a sport plan for New Brunswick. This plan provides a vision and recommends priorities for developing sport in our province from the community level right up to the high performance level.

We strongly believe that sport is an essential tool for building strong individuals, vibrant communities and for enhancing our collective pride, our identity and our sense of belonging. We will be working with various stakeholders over the coming months to determine how we can turn the sport plan's recommendations into action and investments.

As mentors and as role models, all coaches across New Brunswick should be congratulated for making a difference in the lives of the athletes and our youth. By creating a love of sport and physical activity, they encourage New Brunswickers to be more active, which, in the long term will help us reach our goal of self-sufficiency.