New Brunswick Provincial Capital Commission

McAdam to host New Brunswick Day celebrations (09/05/15)

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May 15, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The Village of McAdam will host the official New Brunswick Day 2009 celebrations on Monday, Aug. 3, the New Brunswick Provincial Capital Commission has announced.

McAdam Mayor Frank Carrol requested in 2007 that the village be named host when the commission was given the responsibility for New Brunswick Day.

"We are just facilitators; the provincial host is the Village of McAdam," said Lee Ellen Pottie, executive director of the commission. "McAdam has a long history as a railway hub, and its historic train station stands as testament to the hard-working people of the village, whose welcome is legendary."

The commission assists the host community with budget, organizational details, the annual writing/drawing contest, and the merit awards, but the host community plays the larger role.

"There is a lot going on in McAdam this year, including the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the local legion," said Carroll. "That's really important to us. The whole region is in on the festivities, with the big party in Harvey to celebrate Don Messer's 100th birthday."

Students who win first prize in the New Brunswick Day writing and drawing contest will receive their awards from Premier Shawn Graham, and merit awards will be presented by Carroll and York MLA Carl Urquhart. Lt.-Gov. Herménégilde Chiasson, local MPs, and members of CFB Gagetown will also participate in various activities.

"This year's theme, Pride in our history!/ Notre histoire...notre fierté! is an appropriate one for the year when such a historic village hosts the New Brunswick Day party for the province," Pottie said. "It's also very fitting in the year of the 225th anniversary of the signing of the provincial charter."

The New Brunswick Provincial Capital Commission celebrates the culture, heritage, diversity, and shared history of the province, and seeks to make the capital region a welcome place for all New Brunswickers.


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