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Mission staff announced for la Francophonie Games (09/07/22)

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July 22, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The mission staff leading Team Canada-New Brunswick to the upcoming V1 Games of la Francophonie were announced today by Hédard Albert, minister of Wellness, Culture and Sport. The Games will be held from Sept. 27 to Oct. 6 in Beirut, Lebanon.

"We have worked very hard to select dedicated and experienced individuals to be part of our mission staff," said Albert, who is also the minister responsible for la Francophonie. "We want our athletic and artistic delegation to be able to focus on the training, preparation, and competition in Beirut, while the mission staff members look after all of the other details."

Team Canada-New Brunswick's mission staff is made up of New Brunswick government employees and volunteers selected from francophone cultural and sports communities:

chef de mission: Allen Bard, Fredericton
assistant chef de mission - culture: Michel Bérubé, Fredericton
assistant chef de mission - sport: Jean-Luc Benoit, Fredericton
communication: Normand Léger, Dieppe
secretariat and logistics: Nicole Thériault, Eel River Crossing
mission staff member: Éric Mathieu Doucet, Moncton

The Department of Wellness, Culture and Sport had issued a call for experienced individuals interested in being part of the mission staff for Team Canada-New Brunswick for the Games. The selected candidates will work with the chef de mission and the assistant chefs de mission to help New Brunswick's participants prepare for and take part in the Games.

"The main objective of our mission staff will be to create an optimal environment that will contribute to the success of our participants," said Albert. "In addition to all of that, these individuals will play an ambassadorial role for the province at this international event."

Close to 20 young people from New Brunswick will join 3,000 other athletes and artists from some 50 states and governments at the Games.

As a member government of la Francophonie, New Brunswick is a partner with Quebec and Canada in the organization of this event. New Brunswick participated in the first five Games, held in Morocco, France, Madagascar, Ottawa-Hull, and Niger, winning a total of 14 medals.


MEDIA CONTACTS: Ryan Donaghy, communications, Department of Wellness, Culture and Sport, 506-457-6445, ryan.donaghy@gnb.ca; Allen Bard, chef de mission, 506-453-2928, allen.bard@gnb.ca.