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New Heritage Conservation Act introduced (09/11/18)

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Nov. 18, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - An act replacing two existing, outdated acts was introduced in the legislature today by Minister of Wellness, Culture and Sport Hédard Albert. The Heritage Conservation Act will replace the Historic Sites Protection Act and the Municipal Heritage Preservation Act.

"This new act will modernize and consolidate New Brunswick's legislation governing the conservation of heritage, and makes our legislation more consistent with other jurisdictions in Canada," said Albert. "Our built heritage, and our archaeological and paleontological heritages are shared by all New Brunswickers, and the government has a responsibility to ensure that these heritage resources are conserved today for future generations. The new Heritage Conservation Act will improve heritage stewardship throughout the province."

Heritage conservation is a shared responsibility in New Brunswick. The new act will incorporate the concepts of heritage under one statute that will be applicable at both the provincial and local government levels.

Many stakeholders were involved in the process of creating the new act, including local governments, heritage volunteers and professionals from around the province, and provincial departments and agencies.

"The department has also been engaged in discussions with representatives of First Nations during the development of this legislation, and is continuing the work of building on existing collaborative Aboriginal heritage conservation efforts," said Albert. "New provisions in the legislation specifically address objects and sites related to the cultural heritage of the Aboriginal peoples of the province."

The highlights of the new act are:

The new act will allow government to reach a level similar to other Canadian provinces regarding appropriate authority and measures to conserve and manage heritage resources.

Albert said that the Heritage Conservation Act demonstrates government's commitment to self-sufficiency, and that it is proof that New Brunswickers know future success comes with being respectful and proud of their past and their shared heritage.


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