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2010 Heritage Week planning kits now available (09/12/18)

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Dec. 18, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Planning kits for Heritage Week 2010 are now available, Minister of Wellness, Culture and Sport Hédard Albert announced today.

"Heritage Week 2010 offers us a wonderful opportunity to celebrate New Brunswick's heritage," said Albert. "I also believe that Heritage Week enables us to develop a better understanding of our collective past so that we are able to look forward to an equally exciting future of self-sufficiency."

In recognition of the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the global village concept, New Brunswick's Heritage Week Committee has developed a heritage resource planning kit that celebrates the theme, "Global Village - village planétaire." The kit includes a special poster, bookmark, event registration form, and information about various other provincial or federal heritage resources available in New Brunswick.

Canadian Marshall McLuhan was the first to popularize the concept of a global village as social network. In 1960, his insights were considered revolutionary, but have since fundamentally changed how we think about ourselves and our province.

"During Heritage Week, Feb. 8 - 15, 2010, I invite you to reflect upon your shared experience of thousands of years of history, and to place that experience within a larger global context," said Albert.

For 110 suggestions on ways to celebrate Heritage Week 2010, visit the Heritage Week 2010 website. Visitors may also download learning resource material, and register their Heritage Week 2010 events. All groups and individuals registering events will be recognized with a certificate of participation.

Those wishing to obtain a Heritage Week 2010 planning kit should contact the Department of Wellness, Culture and Sport, by telephone at 506-453-2324, or by e-mail at heritage.week@gnb.ca.


MEDIA CONTACTS: Elizabeth Joubert, communications, Department of Wellness, Culture and Sport, 506-457-6445; Cynthia Wallace-Casey, Heritage Branch, Department of Wellness, Culture and Sport , 506-476-1905.