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New Brunswick Day celebrated at Atlantic Canada House (10/02/23)

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Feb. 23, 2010



VANCOUVER (CNB) - New Brunswick Day will be celebrated a little early this year, at least inside Atlantic Canada House in Vancouver. Today is New Brunswick Day at the pavilion, set up on Granville Island during the Winter Olympic Games.

"This pavilion brings a small slice of New Brunswick to the West Coast and highlights the many aspects of our region that make East Coast living so unique and attractive," said Wellness, Culture and Sport Minister Hédard Albert, who is also acting minister of tourism and parks. "This day gives New Brunswick exposure to a group of potential tourists who would otherwise never be exposed to the charms of our region."

The New Brunswick Day celebrations includes tastings of a variety of food and beverages from the province, including high-quality and world-renowned seafood.

A number of New Brunswick businesses, with global markets, will showcase their products at the pavilion. Atlantic Canada House will also feature New Brunswick entertainment provided by a wide variety of musicians from the province in a show entitled Atlantic Canada on Deck.

New Brunswick shares Atlantic Canada House with the three other Atlantic provinces. More than 35,000 people are expected to visit Granville Island each day during the Games, making it an ideal location to show off Atlantic Canada as a tourist destination.


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