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REVISED / Two programs combined to accommodate artists in the schools (anglophone sector) (10/06/15)

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June 15, 2010

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The artist-in-school performance program and the artist-in-school residency program (anglophone sector only) will be combined to provide students with richer arts-based learning opportunities. The departments of Education and Wellness, Culture and Sport made the announcement today.

"Art and culture are an important aspect of life," said Wellness, Culture and Sport Minister Hédard Albert. "This is why by improving our programs in schools and by having artists in schools; we are enriching and broadening the student's education. By doing so, we are also playing an active role in the integration of their cultural identity within their education."

The improved program will combine a residency and a performance component. The program seeks to link artists to schools, giving students the opportunity to interact and learn about New Brunswick's professional artists.

"Strengthening art and music into the schools was a goal of the provincial government to ensure that all students have the opportunity to discover something they are passionate about," said Education Minister Roland Haché. "Research shows that involvement in the arts engages students more fully in their classrooms, strengthens their educational experiences and will assist as they develop 21st-century learning skills."

The revised artist-in-residency program will be available for the 2010-11 school year. More information will be available later this summer.


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