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Provincial Heritage Fairs Showcase successfully celebrated (10/07/06)

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July 6, 2010



FREDERICTON (CNB) - The 14 students who earned an award at the Regional Heritage Fairs celebrated their success with Lt.-Gov. Graydon Nicholas and Wellness, Culture and Sport Minister Hédard Albert during the Provincial Heritage Fair held on June 27.

The students travelled to the Village Historique Acadien to present the projects they had worked on for months, and even years.

"I am convinced that these students had a chance to learn a lot about their past as they did the research and worked on their projects," said Albert. "As we know, knowledge of our history is important; not only does it allow us to learn from our past and go forward, it also guides us with respect to where we are and where we will go."

The students at the Provincial Heritage Fair had the opportunity to explore Acadian history and culture by visiting the Village Historique Acadien, museums and tourist sites on the Acadian Peninsula.

"I know that the young people enjoyed themselves and had a wonderful experience," added Albert. "I am sure this experience gave them an opportunity to learn more about their own history and the history of our province."

Regional Heritage Fair winners are:

All of the projects are on display at the Village Historique Acadien until Saturday, July 24.

"I invite all New Brunswickers to visit the exhibit at the Village Historique Acadien and discover our students' numerous talents," said Albert. "I would also like to commend the parents, teachers, sponsors and many volunteers who participate each year in the heritage fairs and ensure their success."

More information on the heritage fairs is available on the department website.



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