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Court of Queen's Bench

Judges of the Court of Queen's Bench

The Federal Government appoints Judges to the Court of Queen's Bench. Currently the Court consists of one Chief Justice and 24 other full time Judges. In addition, there are 7 Judges who have elected supernumerary status (*indicates supernumerary) after many years of service and after having attained eligibility for retirement.

The Honourable David D. Smith, Chief Justice of the Court of Queen's Bench of New Brunswick
Justice Jacques A. Sirois* - Moncton
Justice Hugh H. McLellan* - Saint John
Justice Thomas W. Riordon* - Miramichi
Justice Roger McIntyre* - Moncton
Justice Myrna F. Athey* - Fredericton
Justice Judy L. Clendening - Fredericton
Justice George S. Rideout* - Moncton
Justice Paulette C. Garnett* - Fredericton
Justice Peter S. Glennie - Saint John
Justice Brigitte M. Robichaud - Moncton
Justice Réginald Léger - Bathurst
Justice Lucie A. LaVigne - Edmundston
Justice Anne D. Wooder - Fredericton
Justice Colette M. d'Entremont - Moncton
Justice Robert L. Tuck - Moncton
Justice William T. Grant - Saint John
Justice Stephen J. McNally - Moncton
Justice Thomas E.Cyr - Edmundston
Justice Michel A. Robichaud - Bathurst
Justice Raymond T. French – Saint John
Justice Zoël R. Dionne – Moncton
Justice Jean-Paul Ouellette – Moncton
Justice Frederick P. Ferguson - Miramichi
Justice Terrence J. Morrison - Fredericton
Justice Bruce A. Noble - Fredericton
Justice John J. Walsh – Miramichi
Justice Tracey K. DeWare – Woodstock
Justice E. Thomas Christie – Saint John
Justice Darrell J. Stephenson – Saint John
Madam Justice Deborah Hackett - Saint John
Justice Larry Landry - Campbellton

Court of Queen's Bench of New Brunswick
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