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Provincial Court

Provincial Court Judges

In order to be appointed to the Provincial Court, candidates must have been members in good standing of the New Brunswick Bar for at least 10 years and have undergone a screening process conducted by a committee comprised of members of the public, the practicing Bar, and the judiciary. Provincial Court judges are appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council.

Once appointed, the judge will preside over matters until retirement, generally at age 65. Judges who are eligible to retire may choose either to continue sitting as judges on a supernumerary basis until age 75 or to preside on a "per diem" (as needed) basis.

The Provincial Court of New Brunswick presently consists of a Chief Judge, an Associate Chief Judge, 22 judges, 9 supernumerary judges and 2 per diem judges.

Chief Judge Pierre W. Arseneault

I was born in 1954 in Dalhousie, N.B., where I attended elementary and high school.  In 1976, I graduated with distinction from the University of New Brunswick with a Bachelor of Arts (Economics), and in 1978, I obtained a Bachelor of Laws degree.  During my law studies, I held a Lord Beaverbrook Scholarship.  I then worked for two years in the practice of D. Paul Hayes before joining the law firm of McIntyre & McIntyre, where I worked until my appointment to the Provincial Court in 1988.  I participated in various community groups, especially in the field of health, as a member of the Board of Directors of St. Joseph’s Hospital in Dalhousie for a number of years.  I sat as Provincial Court Judge in the Judicial District of Campbellton until 2003, when I accepted a transfer to Moncton. On several occasions, I have been a lecturer for the Law Society of New Brunswick course in penal law.  I have also acted as chair of the compensation committee for the New Brunswick Provincial Court Judges Association.  In December 2006, I was appointed Associate Chief Judge and on January 17, 2014 I was appointed Chief judge of the Provincial Court.

Provincial Court of New Brunswick
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