An Act to Amend the Natural Products Act
Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, enacts as follows:
1 The Natural Products Act, chapter N-1.2 of the Acts of New Brunswick, 1999, is amended by adding after section 41 the following:
Processing plants
41.1(1) The following definitions apply in this section.
“chicken” means a bird of the species Gallus domesticus. (poulet)
“instrument” means an order, decision, direction, rule, by-law, resolution or determination. (instrument)
41.1(2) Despite any other provision of this Act, excluding this section, and despite any provision of the regulations or an instrument made under the authority of this Act, only the Minister may, until the expiration of this section, designate the plants where chicken may be processed.
41.1(3) If the Minister makes a designation under subsection (2), he or she shall do so by means of an order.
41.1(4) The Regulations Act does not apply to an order made by the Minister for the purposes of subsection (2).
41.1(5) This section expires one year after the day on which it comes into force.
41.1(6) Before the expiration of the year referred to in subsection (5), the Lieutenant-Governor in Council may, by Order in Council, change the expiration date of this section. No more than one Order in Council may be made under this subsection.
41.1(7) The Regulations Act does not apply to an Order in Council referred to in subsection (6).
2 This Act or any provision of it comes into force on a day or days to be fixed by proclamation.
Section 1
New provisions.
Section 2
Commencement provision.