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An Act to Authorize an Easement Through Certain Lands in The City of Saint John for Natural Gas Pipeline Purposes *

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Mr. Larry Kennedy
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Bill 55

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Section 1

By deleting section 1 and replacing it with the following:

1          Notwithstanding anything contained in the Acts of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick concerning the lands previously vested in the Saint John Horticultural Association and conveyed to The City of Saint John by the said Horticultural Association in a Deed dated March 20, 1967 and registered in the Saint John County Registry Office on April 14, 1967 in Book 564 at Page 323 as No. 210666, The City of Saint John, with the consent of the Saint John Horticultural Association, is hereby authorized and empowered to grant one time only, an Easement in a portion of the said lands for the purposes of constructing, maintaining, replacing and operating a natural gas pipeline together with associated equipment and facilities and such rights as are ancillary thereto provided that the grantee has been issued a Certificate pursuant to section 52 of the National Energy Board Act, R.S. 1985, c. N-7 with respect to an application submitted to the National Energy Board on the 23rd day of May, 2006, by Emera Brunswick Pipeline Company Ltd.

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