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6. Conclusions

The administration reforms proposed in this Discussion Paper touch on many aspects of the electoral process. These reforms respect and protect our traditional and fundamental democratic principles through the standardization and simplification of the legislation which sets out the electoral process. The reforms guarantee that the elector remains the prime focus in the process of change, and in the electoral process overall. The reforms guarantee that the democratic right of each elector to cast his or her vote must be assured, protected and enhanced. The reforms further ensure that the election process will continue to be open and honest, and to put in place the necessary checks and balances to ensure that all elections are free from abuse.

These reforms would ensure electors are entitled to the most open and efficient election process available today, providing complete accessibility, with minimal delays and restrictions. The election process will also provide the opportunity for a greater number of electors to exercise their democratic right to cast their vote.

The time frame for the adoption of these changes and reforms is governed in part by the electoral process itself. It is anticipated that the legislative and administrative changes would be made at the same time so the new electoral process can be in place by the next municipal election in 1998.

The magnitude of these changes demand the development of a comprehensive public education campaign to ensure that the public, and in particular all present and future electors, would be aware of the new rules and procedures which are to be implemented. In order to achieve this the Chief Electoral Officer will update and modify all Election education materials for use at both the public school system and at the university level.

The suggested changes in the legislation and procedures would result in extensive reforms, so an increased training program and a longer training period would be provided to all election workers to ensure a successful implementation.

All parties and all New Brunswickers are interested in having the best election process possible and the adoption of these suggestions will make that a continuing reality.

Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick
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