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Focused Business Plans - Environmental Management


Key Initiatives


NB Power is committed to the achievement of excellence and innovation in protecting the environment of the province; it considers the environmental performance of its facilities to be as important to its customers as the quality of service which they receive. Accordingly, several key environmental initiatives have been planned for the next five years.

Key Initiatives

Decommissioning and Retirement

In previous Business Plans, NB Power announced its intention to develop a decommissioning program and schedule in preparation for formal decommissioning of thermal generating stations. This program is now in its early stages and continuance of this initiative will be an important component of the Corporation's environmental plan during the upcoming year. As part of this initiative, a detailed decommissioning plan will be developed for the Moncton Combustion Turbine site. To date the plant's turbine and generator have been sold.

Decommissioning of NB Power's Chatham generating station site will also continue. A detailed decommissioning plan is being developed and a site optimization plan will be established. At present, NB Power transmission system maintenance functions are co-ordinated from the site.

Environmental Audit Program

NB Power will continue its program of conducting environmental audits of its facilities as part of its management program. These audits verify compliance with applicable legislation, codes, guidelines, and internal policies. Facilities scheduled to be audited during the 1996/97 year include the Grand Lake, Mactaquac and Ste. Rose generating stations, NB Coal, the Marysville Service Centre, the Northern Customer Service Regions as well as various terminals and substations. The current target is to revisit each facility every 3-5 years. Every major NB Power facility has undergone at least one such review.

PCB Management

NB Power will continue its PCB Management program which includes evaluating alternative disposal options.

Emissions Controls

NB Power has a sulphur-dioxide emission control program in place which has helped to reduce emissions from over 176 kilotonnes in 1989 to under 70 kilotonnes in 1995. The Corporation is projecting to remain under the target of 123 kilotonnes for the duration of this Business Plan, as illustrated in Figure 20

With respect to global warming, NB Power supports the development of, and is participating in, a Voluntary Climate Challenge Program for Canada designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. NB Power will be continuing its efforts in this area and will be working with industry associations and the provincial and federal Governments.

Continue to Obtain Licenses and Regulatory Approvals

NB Power is required to obtain from regulatory authorities such as the N.B. Department of Environment, various approvals to operate its facilities. These approvals are required under:

  • the Air Quality Regulation;
  • Water Quality Regulation;
  • Petroleum Product Storage and Handling Regulation;
  • Water Course Alteration Regulation; and,
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation.

Acid Rain Monitoring

Since 1988, NB Power in co-operation with the provincial Department of Environment, has operated a state-of-the-art acid rain monitoring program on a province-wide basis. The program has been providing invaluable data regarding the deposition of acid rain in the province. This program had found that as much as 85% of the acid rain falling on the province is transported by weather systems from other parts of Canada and the United States. NB Power intends to continue this program.

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