An Act to Amend the Lotteries Act

Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, enacts as follows:

1Paragraph 10.1(2)(a) of the Lotteries Act, chapter L-13.1 of the Acts of New Brunswick, 1976, is amended by striking out "four hundred thousand dollars" wherever it appears and substituting "seven hundred thousand dollars".

2This Act comes into force on April 1, 1998.


Section 1

The existing provision is as follows:

10.1(2)Notwithstanding section 10,

(a)where, in any year, the amount paid into the Arts Development Trust Fund under paragraph (1)(a) does not total four hundred thousand dollars, an amount sufficient to ensure that the total amount paid into the Arts Development Trust Fund in that year equals four hundred thousand dollars shall be paid into the Arts Development Trust Fund, and ....

Section 2

Commencement provision.

Chapter Outline Update

Sections 1 and 2

No change required.

Endorse: Hon. Edmond P. Blanchard, Q.C.

Last Modified: 11:28am , February 11, 1998