Oxbow Mi'kmaq Narration

At Oxbow, just across the river from Red Bank's Mother Earth Lodge, the original village of Metepenagiag lies quietly hidden beneath a vast field of young hawthorn bushes. Farmed by Red Bank people until the 1950's, the historical importance of the Oxbow site was only recently recognized. In 1978 members of the Red Bank First Nation began working with archaeologists to explore the ancient beginnings of our community. Almost immediately it was revealed that Metepenagiag had first been settled nearly 3000 years ago!

Overhead View Of Oxbow

The Oxbow site had been naturally built up. Clean layers of sand and silt were periodically deposited over the ancient village floors by spring flooding. Peeling back the sands of time, Red Bank project workers came face to face with our ancestors… their cooking fires, their fishing and hunting tools, their pottery and artistic designs, their food preferences, and many other aspects of their everyday lives.

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