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Submitting an Expression of Interest
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The Province of New Brunswick actively supports equal opportunity and workplace equity for all persons, and is committed to including and reflecting the population it serves.
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Agencies, Boards and Commissions

Qualified men and women having the highest personal and professional integrity are invited to serve on New Brunswick agencies, boards and commissions (ABCs).

There are two ways appointments are made :

  1. Order-in-Council - Order in Council appointments require approval of the Executive Council (Cabinet) and the Lieutenant-Governor.
  2. Ministerial - Ministerial appointments are made by the Minister responsible for the legislation that establishes the agency, board or commission.

Agencies, boards and commissions provide advice to government, deliver services to New Brunswickers, and regulate key sectors of the economy. They function at arms-length from government departments and undertake important work on behalf of the people of New Brunswick.

New Brunswickers are invited to outline their experience and qualifications, and submit an Expression of Interest to Serve. The selection of successful candidates will be based on merit, with special efforts to promote diversity and inclusion of New Brunswick’s two official linguistic communities, women, First Nations, persons with disabilities, visible minority groups, and all regions of the province.

While we appreciate the interest of those who express an interest to serve in positions on agencies, boards and commissions, only those candidates selected for consideration will be contacted.

Enquiries regarding specific opportunities can be made after the deadline passes. All enquiries should be directed to the responsible department.

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