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Psychiatric Patient
Advocate Services


To inform patients of their rights, to represent them at Tribunal and/or Review Board hearings, and to ensure that the Mental Health Act and the rights of patients be respected at all times. The Service also works with caregivers, patients, families and significant others to ensure an appropriate utilization of the mental health services.

Goals and Objectives

  • Advance the legal, human and civil rights of involuntary patients by means of systemic advocacy.
  • Inform the patient, family, hospital staff and the community about patients' legal and civil rights.
  • Provide a way to resolve complaints from psychiatric patients.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Investigate alleged incidents, assess response and refer patients to outside advocacy resources when necessary.
  • Promote patient responsibilities in determining the appropriate form of treatment and support.
  • Investigate concerns, inquires and complaints.
  • Recommend to the New Brunswick Mental Health services ways to improve mental health care.
  • Assist patients in accepting responsibility for their decisions and actions.
  • Work with caregivers, patients, families, and significant others to ensure appropriate use of the mental health system.

Role of the Tribunal

The tribunal is composed of a lawyer and two members of the public in order to authorize the involuntary admission according to the Mental Health Act and also to authorize the treatment of involuntary patients.

Review Board

The review board is composed of a senior lawyer, a psychiatrist and a member of the public.

Role of the Review Board

  • To review the status of an involuntary patient.
  • To review the ability of an involuntary patient to manage his estate.
  • Review the patient's access to information concerning his treatment and the accessibility to his chart.
  • eview the transfer to another jurisdiction.
  • The granting or authorization of certificates of detention.
  • Sending out an order to administer a treatment.
  • Review if the treatment is routine or specific.
  • Review of the patient's competence or his substitute to give his consent.

Contact Info

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Psychiatric Patient Advocate Services
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Moncton, NB E1C 1G2

(506) 869-6818


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Acts & Regulations

Mental Health Act PDF | HTML
94-33 General  PDF | HTML


Mental Health Act Forms
Involuntary status and your rights

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