Government of New Brunswick

Warning Signs

recent or ongoing money problems, such as unpaid bills and mounting debt
white collar crime (bad cheques, embezzlement)

secrecy, distance
less time for family and friends
signs of stress, confusion, anger at home
friends, relatives, teachers, and co-workers express concern
missed commitments at work, home, school

Mental health
extreme mood swings
nervousness, anxiety, restlessness
emotional outburst (rage, jealousy, despair)
suicidal thoughts

Physical health
loss of appetite and sleep
digestive problems, irritable bowel syndrome
cardiac problems
high blood pressure
back and neck pain

Gambling behavior
preoccupation with gambling
increasing amounts of time and money spent gambling
failed attempts to quit or cut back
gambling with borrowed money
not keeping to a spending limit
gambling to win back losses (“chasing”)
confessions of guilt
loss of control

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