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  Early Potato Variety Evaluation and Development - Grand Lake Spudtech 2001

Lynn M. Moore1, Loretta Mikitzel2 and Agnes Murphy3

Partner: Potatoes New Brunswick

Abstract: Thirty potato varieties were planted May 25th at Whites Cove, NB (twenty-five new varieties/selections were compared with five controls). Data was collected regarding yields, tuber numbers and skinning 87 days after planting. None of the red/pink-skinned varieties out-yielded Dark Red Norland (total 158 cwt/acre, marketable 131 cwt/acre). F94106 (12.4 cwt/acre) and Roselys (28.1 cwt/acre) produced significantly more tubers >2¾" than Dark Red Norland (1.2 cwt/acre). Roselys was the only variety in the trial to produce tubers >3½". Purple Viking (139 cwt/acre) yielded more than Caribe (128 cwt/acre) and produced more tubers >2¾" but also produced more culls (5%) due to growth cracks and roughs. Longlac (129 cwt/acre) yielded similarly to Caribe. Of the white varieties, marketable yields of QP90085.02 (120 cwt/acre) and QP91108.03 (112 cwt/acre) were the closest to that of Eramosa (115 cwt/acre). QP91108.03 and QP89183.10 produced the most tubers >3". Marketable yield of QP90085.10TL was reduced by culls (13%) for growth cracks and roughs. Carola (102 cwt/acre) and Agata (100 cwt/acre) matched the total yield of yellow-fleshed control Yukon Gold (102 cwt/acre). Fabula produced more tubers >3" than Yukon Gold. Jacqueline Lee was attractive to Colorado potato beetles resulting in severe defoliation and low yields. Most varieties had a good skinset and only Brise du Nord, Rhine Red, Longlac and QP90083.58 skinned mildly when washed at 87 DAP. Greensprouting of F80054 increased it marketable yield (1½ - 3½") 49% at 63 DAP, 33% at 73 DAP and by 40% at 89 DAP. Average Canada #1 tuber weight was also increased by on average more than 20% by greensprouting. Potatoes were displayed at the trial's Open House following harvest and used in a potato display at the Atlantic National Exhibition in Saint John, NB.

1Policy and Planning Branch, NBDAFA, PO Box 6000, Fredericton, NB, E3B-9H8

2Potato Development Centre, NBDAFA, 39 Barker lane, Wicklow, NB, E7L-3S4

3Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Potato Research Centre, PO Box 20280, 850 Lincoln Road, Fredericton, NB, E3B-9H8

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