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  Effect of Boron and Zinc Uptake in the Form of Foliar Fertilizer on Wild Blueberry Yield Indices

Gaétan Chiasson1 and Bernard Savoie2

Abstract: A trial to evaluate the effect of boron and zinc uptake in the form of foliar fertilizer on the yield indices and the yield of wild blueberries was established in 1996. The experiment consisted of a control (no fertilizer nor B and Zn) and treatments involving applications of fertilizer alone or with B and Zn either in foliar form or incorporated into the fertilizer. Foliar analyses were done at tip dieback in the sprout year. The leaf boron content was not different between the treatments having received a boron application in granular or foliar form but was different from the plots not having received any. However, the zinc content was different for the foliar applications in comparison with the other treatments. Only the control showed a significant difference in terms of yield indices but not in yield.

1NB Department of Agriculture and Aquaculture, Regional Agri-Business Development, 1425 King Avenue, Bathurst, New Brunswick E2A 1S7
2NB Department of Agriculture and Aquaculture, Regional Agri-Business Development, P.O. Box 3058, Tracadie - Sheila, NB, E1X 1G5

Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
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