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  Evaluation of Fluazifop, Mesotrione and Tank Mixes for Grass Weed Control in the Cropping Year of Wild Blueberries

G.L. Graham and M.J. Melanson

Partner: Bleuets NB Blueberries

Abstract: Grass weeds continue to limit blueberry production in New Brunswick. Fluazifop–p–butyl is the only registered control option for grass in the crop year. Mesotrione has potential for crop year use and a tank mix application of both fluazifop and mesotrione would provide a broad spectrum weed control. A trial was established in a commercial wild blueberry field near Pennfield, New Brunswick in the spring of 2008 to evaluate fluazifop, mesotrione and tank mixes for grass control. All treatments were safe for use in blueberry with limited crop injury and no significant effect on crop yield. Mesotrione alone had limited grass activity. The lower rates of fluazifop suppressed grass populations, while the higher rates controlled the populations. A tank mix of either rate of fluazifop and mesotrione, with or without Agral 90, did not significantly change crop injury or grass control found as compared to the equivalent rate of fluazifop alone. This tank mix would increase the number of weeds controlled in a single crop year herbicide application.

Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
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